Participant Testimonials

Bios and other information coming soon! until then, a short glimpse into Next Up life.

The experience I had as a participant in Next Up has radically changed the way I view social movements and my role as a leader.  The program exposed me to people and opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to engage with and as such I believe it has enriched my life and provided me with the tools to make an even bigger difference in my community than I knew was possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that my experience changed my life, and all for the better. — Emily-Anne Paul, NUBC 3

* *

Next up has been a wonderfully orchestrated program that has allowed many of us to connect in creative and collaborative ways. I deeply value the relationships that have been fostered through Next Up both between participants in our year and throughout the growing network of presenters and alumni. The past six months of the program have deepened my appreciation for the complex nature of how our communities exist and the processes through which they are envisioned and sustained. I am very grateful to all of the dedicated people who make Next Up possible and I look forward to seeing the program grow and evolve. It makes me happy to know that even though the program has ended, we will continue to work together collectively and support each other as diverse leaders with environmental and social justice at heart. – Shelby Tay, NUBC 3

* *

I joined Next Up shortly after I completed my Undergraduate in Business Administration and I would have never guessed that in the eight months that flew by, Next Up would unfold my life path and take part in guiding me to my purpose as I know it today?

The program provided participants like myself with the inspiration and practical tools necessary to make our own leap forward in the progressive movement. Most notably, Next Up guided me to connect my story with my path and purpose. Through its powerful program and skilled facilitators, Next Up has inspired me to pursue my work in promoting awareness about sustainability and the progressive movement in the Chinese community. In addition, Next Up has given me the hands-on experience and practical tools necessary to help me not only discover my vision, but turn that vision into a reality?

Next Up has forever changed and broadened my social lens in a way that I cannot imagine myself without now. As the program comes to a close, I leave Next Up with fond memories, a ready-to-use toolkit, spiritual fuel and a solid network of what are now good friends that will soon be future colleagues as I pursue this path and my purpose? – Claudia Li, NUBC 3, Simon Fraser University, Bachelor of  Business Administration (Honours in Sustainability) &  Shark Truth Founder

* *

My co-worker encouraged me to apply for Next Up. I had never been involved with political or environmental issue. I immigrate here with my family in 2005, my background is in Arts and Design and I am involved with immigrant and refugee youths, so I was not too sure about joining Next Up. However, Next Up also talked about social change and leadership, which I wanted to know more about. Even though I was not comfortable at first but later I became really close to the group. Next Up offered me to meet and have conversation with leaders and gave me the opportunity to hear their stories. Next Up inspired me to continue my work in my communities and learn more. — Jennifer Sarkar, NUBC 3


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