You are invited: Next Up Community Camp-out June 6 – June 8

glampout image
Glamping: / ˈglampɪŋ / Camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. Similar to the activity of spending a holiday living out of a tent, but having the option of not sleeping on the ground and being provided with three hot meals per day.  Costumes customary, but optional.  It’s like camping, but with grey poupon and hot showers. Possibly tutus and capes.



Hi friends!  

We’re taking on the coordination of our own Gathering / Annual NUp party this year! 

Some of you have attended Evan’s Lake camp before — it’s just a few kms past Squamish (we’ll make our own way in carpools) — it’s a glorious patch of land on a private lake.  There are cabins enough for everyone to have a bunk and there is ample ground to bring your own tent as well!  


When we arrive in the evening of Fri, June 6.  We’ll be fed dinner that evening.  We will also be fed all meals on Saturday — plus snacks — and breakfast and lunch on Sunday June 8, before heading home.


Partners and friends welcome!  

(I’m sorry about the dogs…. I begged, but we can’t bring them.)


Summer lovin’ !  Hope you can come!


Please feel free to contact Andrea Curtis ([email protected]778 549 7874) anytime to ask more questions, offer a bit of programming or generally feel included and invited.


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