PowerShift is Going Local: Help Make PowerShift 2013 Happen in BC

Last year, as well…all of you know….we held the 2nd PowerShift Canada, bringing together nearly 1500 youth from all across Canada. The event was a huge success and kicked off what we are planning to transform into a long term organizing project to hold regional PowerShifts all across the country to train up, embolden and support the climate movement across Canada.

The first of these events is going to be happening in BC this October. Right on the heels of the new government taking office, PowerShift will be a moment to deliver a resounding message to politicians and the fossil fuel industry that BC won’t be transformed into a Carbon Corridor. Imagine, hundreds of youth sending a strong, clear message against pipelines, fracking and coal projects that are endangering our future. One of the goals of this PowerShift is going to be to strengthening the links between climate and tar sands/pipelines, as well as to bolster all the amazing work being done here in the province with hundreds of newly trained organizers.

We are also hoping to connect PowerShift with other groups and allies, and (for those of you in BC!) your work in BC and beyond. More information about strategy meetings, the establishment of the organizing committee and more along those lines will be coming your way in the near future.

Right now, we really need your help sharing our crowd-funding campaign to kick PowerShift organizing off. If you are able to, please considering donating to our crowd funding campaign to get this campaign up and running. Whether its $10, $50 or $500 every single contribution helps us to make PowerShift BC happen. If you can’t support financially, if you could take a moment to share this link: http://www.weeve.it/project/home/50 through your networks that would be amazing.

Thanks all for your help and support!

Karen Rooney
Next Up Sask Year 1

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