Powershift: youth leadership on climate action

From October 26-29, PowerShift 2012 Canada will bring 1500 young people (18-30) from diverse backgrounds together in Ottawa to build a movement for climate and environmental justice.

Through workshops, panel discussions, caucuses, regional strategizing, actions and other activities, participants will develop their understanding about the intersections between environmental and social justice issues, build a range of skills for taking action, and gain the connections and confidence to mobilize in their communities.

As Karen Rooney (NU Sask) put it: “Amazing workshops and sessions to learn how to be a kick ass organizer, dig deeper on issues of environmental justice, and meeting fantastic youth from across the country.” Emma Pullman (NUBC5) will also be giving a workshop on investigative journalism.

Register now for PowerShift! Details at http://www.wearepowershift.ca. Some scholarship opportunities available.

Thanks to Karen, Emma and Neelam for keeping us in the loop!

The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition‘s National Director Cameron Fenton lays out 10 reasons that Canada needs a PowerShift this fall in the Huffington Post.