Spirited Social Change: Community Dinners

Spirited Social Change is about expanding the heart of social change work by building purpose-driven community, creating space for reflective re-engagement, and supporting leaders for the long haul.

It comes from knowing that the world we want to create will require us to lead from our hearts, and to be able to captivate the hearts of others. The work we do can wear us down, and the culture we live in can be cruel and disappointing. But we care too much to give in to the temptations of disengagement. There are reminders everywhere that a better world is possible, and we endeavour to be living amplifications of those reminders.

In an increasingly secular culture, at a time of widespread economic and environmental crisis, we long to consider the big questions: For what are we hear? What matters most? How shall we live? How can we sit with pain and respond to injustice? How can we realize our biggest dreams for one another?

Can you relate?


Feeding Hearts & Minds is a monthly meal and dialogue exploring the intersection of ‘spirituality’ and social change. It’s a chance to reconnect with people, to remember what feeds your work, and to re-engage in strategic and fulfilling ways.

Read some feedback highlights from the January Dinner here and the February Dinner here.


It’s for activists, organizers, artists, nurturers, students, leaders, and those who are still trying to figure it all out. It’s for people trying to find purpose and meaning beyond the limits of consumerism and self-interest. People longing to live out their values in more impactful and effective ways. People deeply engaged in social change work, and tired as heck from it. People who sometimes experience despair at the state of the world, yet keep getting out of bed each morning to make it better.

And, it’s for people of all ages. For now we won’t be able to provide separate childcare, but we endeavour for the space to be welcoming to children, so if you’ve got them, feel free to bring them along.

Find out more about our Monthly Community Dinners, and join us in making it happen.

Visit: www.spiritedsocialchange.org or email [email protected]

The next Spirited Social Change dinner is Sunday, May 29th, 5:30-7:30pm, hosted by NUppers Steph Gatto and Deanna Rogers, with guest speaker Dr. Bruce Alexander. RSVP here.

This project wouldn’t have started without the thoughtful organizing of Christine Boyle (NUBC4). Thanks Chris!