What’s Next? Calgary

By: Katie Rasmussen, Next Up Calgary, Year 1

In October, a group of Calgary Next Up Alumni started What’s Next? a monthly skill and knowledge share series.  The idea grew from our intention to engage those people who did not make it into the Next Up Program and expanded to include a much larger community.  Held in the Old Y building, a historical community building located in central Calgary where Next Up sessions are held, What’s Next? has been bringing people together on the third Monday of each month since October and continues to build momentum.

What’s Next? has so far been a huge success.  Sessions, which all start off with communal cooking and sharing of a meal, have included diverse topics such as learning about popular education & skill-sharing models, learning to blog from a group of brave young jr. high school women, and debriefing the Occupy movement. Our last session of 2011, just before the Winter Solstice, was a great way to start off the winter. We sang with the Raging Grannies, knit with the Revolutionary Knitters and baked cookies together – we all know the best discussions happen in the kitchen!  Future sessions will include a DIY candle and soap making skill-share, talking to media, film making, eco-feminism…  well, you get the idea.  The possibilities are endless!  We are excited to see what topics lay ahead as more community members and Next Uppers continue to come forward with ideas to share their skills, passions and knowledge.

It has been extremely rewarding (and tonnes of fun!) for our cohort to work on this project together and to continue to build our relationships, to strengthen our networks and to build a stronger and larger community together.  If you are ever visiting Calgary on the third Monday of the month we hope you will join us at What’s Next?.  In the meantime you can check us out on:


Facebook  www.facebook.com/WhatsNextCalgary

Blog   whatsnextcalgary.tumblr.com