What will my commitments be?

Next Up is an extraordinarily rigorous and exciting program that requires significant commitment. The program runs from October 2016 to mid May 2017. We require a strong commitment from each participant to attend all the sessions and to  engage with the material and their peers. The session dates and times are listed in the application forms for each city's program. Please check them closely before you apply.

 Can I apply if I’m working or in school?

Yes. Most participants find it busy but manageable to take part in Next Up while working or going to school full-time. If you are unsure about the balance between your work / school and Next Up commitments, please contact the coordinator of the city you plan to apply to and ask their advice on your situation. You will find the contact for each coordinator on the application form for their program city.

How much does it cost?

It's free! The cost of the program is about $2,500 per participant. Our generous donors invest in our participants by covering those costs (and if you live outside your program city, we may be able to help with travel costs, so please apply). We also may be able to assist with childcare costs as needed. What we ask is that you commit time, energy, curiosity and a desire to change the world.

We value the contributions people from equity-seeking groups bring to our organization and leadership, and encourage applications from LGBTTQ+ people, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, low-income earners and the unemployed, immigrants and refugees, and people with disabilities.

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