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What level of commitment is required from me and when?

By joining the Next Up you’re committing yourself to an extraordinarily rigorous and exciting program. The program runs from October to mid May 2016 and during that time you will:

  • Attend a weekly 3 hour evening session and one 7 hour weekend session per month.
  • Learn
  • Develop 
  • Work with an accountability partner, supported by the CLP in developing your plan.
  • Commit to being accountable for implementing your plan and continuing to engage with the CLP community.

 Can I apply if I’m working or in school?

Yes. Because the program is a group learning experience, you are expected to attend all the session.

How much does it cost?

It's free! The cost of the program is about $2,500 per participant. But the program will cover those costs (and if you live outside your program city, we may be able to help with travel costs, so please apply). You have to commit time, energy, curiosity and a desire to change the world.

 Sounds good, when is my application due? >>

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