Who is Next Up?

Who are “we” and why did we create this program?

Next Up began in Vancouver in 2006 and in the 10 years since then, has grown to serve seven cities across Canada.  The people organizing Next Up come from a wide range of backgrounds that includes: public policy, community activism, labour, the non- profit sector, and research. We are all involved in social and environmental justice work. We’ve created this program because we believe that a better world is not just possible, but an imperative. We believe that good solutions to the biggest issues are out there, and can be realized. We have different approaches to teaching and learning, but we all believe that a new generation of progressive leaders is needed and should be supported.

Next Up is a partnership between the Global Youth Education Network Society, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Parkland Institute, Arusha Centre, CCEDNET Manitoba, and a number of environmental, labour and civil society organizations from across Canada. The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius) is a non-profit organization that works on projects connected to social change leadership, democracy, social and environmental justice and intergenerational collaboration. The projects of genius include Next Up, Organize BC and Hua Foundation.

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