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We've put this next bunch of pages together to help you figure out if you'd like to apply to the 2016/17 year of Next Up's seven month long leadership program. It’s offered in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Ottawa.

Regina applications are due October 7, 2016. 

The deadline for Winnipeg applications has been extended to October 17, 2016.

The application period is now closed for Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, and Ottawa. Thanks to all who applied! 


Do you wonder what the future holds for our world? Are you concerned about things like climate change, poverty, public health and education, housing and government policy? Do you believe that global and local issues are connected? Do you feel that our economic system is focused on profit at the expense of people and the planet? Do you believe it is possible for us, as communities, to do things differently at home and abroad, to eradicate poverty, to deal with conflict peacefully, to rise to the climate challenge fairly, and to ensure everyone has access to good public health and education services?

If you answered yes to many of the questions above, this program may be for you.

Next Up was created by a community of people who wanted to help emerging leaders (that’s you!) develop new and better skills, smarts and ideas. The program is intense. Over 7 months, we’ll dive into a number of topics and disciplines, combining theory, practice, deep thinking, and hard skills. We’ll look at some of the most pressing policy issues facing the country. We will consider where “progressive” thinking is on these issues and how to solve them. We’ll look at how change is made in society. And we’ll meet some of the most innovative change-makers in our cities — from the non-profit, labour, business and public sectors — who are working for a better world.

We have a number lenses through which we explore social change.  Lenses include decolonization, anti-oppression and equity. Climate justice is a key lens for the program as climate change is one of the core challenges of our time.  The lenses are used as a grounding point - not every session is about the lenses. The lenses inform how we think about solutions and our approach to social change.

Want to take the next step and apply? Read on! Over the next few pages, we'll answer more questions and ask you some too. Hopefully this will guide you in your decision about applying for this year's Next Up Leadership program.

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Please read each of the following 5 pages carefully before downloading your application(s) from the final page.


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