Tanya Andrusieczko

Tanya Andrusieczko is a lover of bees and cheese and grammar. This lively lady moved to Saskatoon three years ago from Toronto, lured to Saskatchewan by its prairie vistas and never-ending horizons. Contrary to popular opinion, Tanya likes Saskatchewan winters too. She is a lover of all seasons and the foods that come with them. Last summer, she learned about gardening by volunteering at the Food Bank’s community garden. To Tanya, even a single potato has a story. One cannot simply ask Tanya what her favourite food is, because she’ll just reply, “It’s unfair to food to ask that!” It is this quirky and inquisitive personality Tanya brings to NextUp.

Tanya is a devoted yogi, boxer, cyclist, and walker, and she is already making plans for retirement. In her spare time, Tanya can be found walking her dog Roo and and listening to podcasts. She hopes to one day have her own apiary.

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