Samantha Mathews

Samantha is traditionally from Mushkegowuk territory better known as the Ontario region of the James and Hudson Bay and has lived in twenty nine cities, towns and reserves altogether in her life. She is an  Ininiw eskwew and has been very action-oriented and outspoken on Indigenous issues and advocating for language and culture revitalization in her home territory. She has had experience in working with youth in wilderness and cultural settings, and has been involved alongside other youth on a grassroots level and has sat on committees and has been a lifelong volunteer to various causes. Currently enrolled as a student in fashion design, her interests and passions expand to a lot of areas from culture to art and language to traditional medicines. Her current active involvement includes Next Up and The Boreal Garden Project, a project whose mission is to resolve food insecurity through implementing community gardens into remote, fly-in Indigenous communities in Ontario in partnership with Nishnawbe Aski Nation with Steve Vasallo, gardener and facilitator and former CBC journalist Gillian Grant who is in charge of BGP’s communications and Leslie LaCombe, bookkeeper. Samantha's role will involve recording language and traditional knowledge systems of food and plant medicines.