Matt Ayache

Matt Ayache (pronounced like "eyelash" without the l) is the founder of the In Arms Queer Theatre Company, an Education Facilitator through fYrefly in Schools, a teacher, and an avid X-Men fan. Born in Lebanon, Matt grew up in Oyen, Alberta, before coming to Edmonton for university in 2008 (where he has remained ever since). He studied Education with a focus on drama, and in 2014 he started the In Arms Queer Theatre Company which performed the play Unknown Stories at the 2015 Edmonton Fringe Festival-- a play which he cowrote and co-directed. The theatre group plans to create a drama community engagement program along with two plays for the 2016 season.

Matt loves comic books, singing, and science. He is currently working as a substitute teacher, and hopes to return to school to study science or further his Ed Education. He is interested in traveling to Amsterdam, as well as touring the Middle East.

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