Leah Solheim

A few words to describe Leah are cheerful, funny, laid-back, honest, sincere and hardworking. Leah has always had an instinctive awareness for activist work which is visible through her efforts in Latin America. She has volunteered in El Salvador, Columbia, Costa Rica and Guatemala, to name a few. Within these countries Leah has engaged in various programs, such as teaching English with a social justice perspective to introducing sports or cooking to underprivileged children.

Currently Leah is living in Saskatoon working and enjoying such things as reading, playing soccer, dancing and relaxing with friends. In the future she plans on spending lots of time in Latin America and using her experience as an entrepreneur to create h own enterprise to help people become more financially independent and to raise awareness of social justice issues. Leah is a great addition to Next Up by bringing an international social justice perspective along with her amazing personality and eagerness to share ideas with new and diverse people.

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