FAQ for the 7 month city program

NextUp ::  A leadership program for young adults committed to social and environmental justice

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Am I eligible for the Next Up program?

To be eligible to be a Next Up participant, you must be:

  • Aged 18–32
  • Passionate about changing the way the world works, and committed to being active at the centre of social change
  • Certain that there are better ways for us to take care of each other and the planet
  • Willing to take a risk, join a team, and learn more about yourself
  • Someone with leadership qualities (though leadership experience is not necessarily required)
  • Available to commit time to the program between October – May

What level of commitment does the Next Up program require? And when is it?

By joining Next Up you’re committing yourself to an extraordinarily rigorous and exciting program. The programs run from October to May (varying dates), and during that time you will:

  • Attend one evening session per week
  • Attend one day-long weekend session per month
  • Connect with community leaders during mutually convenient times
  • Explore and take action on an issue or topic of social change that you’re passionate about

Can I apply to Next Up if I'm in school or working?

Yes. The program was designed with an understanding that the people in it would have a life: work, school, family and many combinations thereof. That’s why the sessions take place in the evenings and on weekends. Next Up also requires a strong time commitment and you should be thinking about how you will make time for the program should you be accepted.

Where does the Next Up program take place?

Next Up BC takes place in Vancouver, BC.

Next Up Edmonton takes place in Edmonton, AB.

Next Up Calgary takes place in Calgary, AB.

Next Up Saskatchewan takes place in Saskatoon, SK and in Regina, SK.

Next Up Winnipeg takes place in Winnipeg, MB.

Next Up Ottawa takes place in Ottawa, ON.

How much does it cost to participate in Next Up?

It's free! – for you! The cost of the program is actually about $2,500 per participant, but we cover those costs (and if you live outside the city where the program is taking place we may be able to help with travel costs, so please apply). You have to commit time, energy, curiosity and a desire to change the world.

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