Denae Stegeman

Denae Stegeman is an artist, a marginal feminist, an educator, a partner, an aunt, and a collector of bone China teacups. Born and raised outside Melfort Saskatchewan, Denae now lives in Saskatoon where she is finishing her education degree. She is someone who is continually challenging friends and family to become more aware of inequality and discrimination – our personal role in it, as well as our ability to recognize and be critical of its systemic and institutional forms. 

Similarly, Denae exercises rigorous self-reflection regarding her own stake in social justice issues, keeping a detailed journal to aid in this process of self-improvement. Denae’s passion for anti-racist and anti-oppressive education has led her to become an active member of the Students Teachers Against Racism (S.T.A.R.S.) organization, and seeks to incorporate discussions focused on diversity and racial issues in her own classroom. She is committed as an educator to create a safe, non-threatening environment to let students comfortably express their feelings and to work through issues of racism and other forms of oppression. 

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