About Next Up

Next Up is growing. 2015-16 marks the ninth year since it was started in BC, its seventh year in Alberta, it's sixth year in Saskatchewan, third year in Ontario and second year in Winnipeg. Next Up has also ran two leadership intensive programs for First Nations & Métis Youth in Saskatchewan. This year we've also launched 2 new intensive programs the BC Bootcamp weekend which ran in May, and the Alberta Climate Leadership Program that ends this Fall. We are also launching a new intensive program in collaboration with IndigenEYEZ. The BC Indigenous Youth In Action program is now accepting applications until July 22, 2016.

The people organizing Next Up come from a wide range of backgrounds: public policy, community activism, labour, the non-profit sector, and research. We are all involved in social and environmental justice work. We’ve created this program because we believe that a better world is not just possible, but an imperative.

We believe that good solutions to the biggest issues are out there, and can be realized. We have different approaches to teaching and learning, but we all believe that a new generation of progressive leaders is needed and should be supported.

Next Up is a growing network of social change leaders across Canada. The program is a partnership between several organizations with region specific partnerships that help make the program happen in each region.

Each region has it’s own Advisory Committee made up of great people in that community who are working to make a better world. Advisory committee members come from community organizations, the public and private sectors, not-for-profits and trade unions. The amazing people on the advisory committee’s volunteer their time to help with program design and delivery in their region and to help make community connections between participants and leaders in the community.

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