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Opposing Bill C-10

The current Vancouver Next Up cohort just knocked off a great new video for LeadNow on Bill C-10. Check it out: Learn more:

NU Saskatoon: National Day of Action

By: Laura Hopkins, NU Saskatchewan, Year 2 On February 1st, students from hundreds of colleges and universities from across Canada, united to send a clear message to the federal government: make education a priority. Along with a number of other Saskatoon NextUp participants I was fortunate to be able to participate in the National Day […]

Climate Justice Saskatoon: Revitalizing the Movement

By: Karen Rooney (Next Up Saskatchewan – Year 1) and Andrea Cessna (Next Up Saskatchewan – Year 2) Climate Justice Saskatoon was first born four years ago, in the lead-up to the United Nations 15th Conference of Parties in Copenhagen. Citizens of Saskatoon, mostly youth, rallied around the climate negotiations as a chance to make […]